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John "Coach John" Bandelt

John Bandelt or Coach John as many of his students know him as, has always been interested in sports and helping children achieve their athletic abilities. Coach John has been making a difference in children lives for over six years. Having worked in multiple after school programs, Coach John understands firsthand how to teach student athletes the lessons of sportsmanship, work ethic and teamwork. He has seen what other after school programs have "lacked" and decided to partner up with Nick and Randy to create a program that caters to athletic success. Coach John knows that most after school sports programs have “free time” which he feels is a waste of time. Students need to be structured and constantly involved in organized activities to really get a learning experience. This is the exact reason that he has helped create Select Sports because it will allow for learning and structure rather than chaos and confusion in a sports program.

Nick Curattalo

Since Nick could walk, he has been passionate about sports. Being a life-long Yankees fan, his love for baseball especially, has been his life. Nick wants to make an impact in childrens’ lives and saw an opportunity to do so, by helping develop Select Sports. His experience includes, running an advanced physical education programs at St. Edmunds Prep. High School in Brooklyn, NY and he also started coaching baseball at the age of 18, after his college baseball career was cut short due to injury. Nick believes sports teaches children many needed life skills, such as teamwork, self-confidence, hand-eye coordination, balance, how to share and how not to be selfish. He has a bachelor degree in Communications and Marketing from St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY, but his experience in teaching young children sports and his belief for the functionality of sports in a child’s life aligns with our company’s strategies..