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Select Sports is an afterschool program designed to help students become involved in multiple sports and activities. Our program is designed to get students in Kindergarten through Eighth grades incorporated in tradition and nontraditional sports. The intention is to provide multiple opportunities for students while giving back to the community.

Select Sports encourages and supports students from grades K-8 to embrace a physically active future and develop a healthy lifestyle. Activities contain the teachings of sports skills, competitive team play, and team building games. Every sport played will include specific drills so all participants can become familiar with how to succeed in gameplay. Students will learn the rules of each sport that is being offered. These sports include basketball, baseball, soccer, flag football, lacrosse, hockey, project adventure and much more. We will give students the tools necessary to accomplish gameplay in the sports taught during each program.

We offer academic assistance to students in participating schools. This includes assisting students with homework for an hour.

Select Sports is here to:
* Connect students with their peers, their school and community.
* Provide opportunities for students to increase self-esteem, leadership and the ability to work with others.
* Prepare students for an active and healthy future.
* Allow students to get assistance in homework.