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After School Select Sports is proud to announce our flag football league in Amityville. Click Here to Learn More!


After School Select Sports is an after school program designed to help develop the physical skills in students. We are here to help teach our students the multiple techniques associated with sports and game play. Unlike other after school sports programs that just have “free time”, we take pride in teaching students how to accomplish lifelong leisure.

Our staff is trained to execute specific lesson plans that will allow all involved to develop physical, social and mental aspects of athletics. We like to think of our program as an extension of Physical Education and develop student skills in multiple areas. It is very important that at such a young age students learn proper form before developing poor techniques. We are here to help fill the void that some schools and students may have when it comes to physical activity.

If your school is not involved with Select Sports, call or email us to set up an appointment!! We will gladly provide a detailed outline of how the program runs and all the fun your students will have when participating in Select Sports.